2007!! - The Lee's Year in Review

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WELCOME!!  This is an ongoing edition of the Lee Internet Newsletter for 2007. We changed to 'Blog Style' for this year.

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DECEMBER - Homes in Oakland

John volunteers regularly one day per week at Habitat for Humanity.  He's pretty happy that they save up the 'tough jobs' for him .. just like when we visit relatives! See more of Steve and the gang for the past year via this link. 

NOVEMBER - Traditions continue

We visit to the Daly's in Woodside for our annual feast of Thanksgiving.  Indeed this year has been one with many blessings to be thankful for. 

Jo-Ann enjoys being a quintessential Aunt for Elizabeth and Julia Daly.

  OCTOBER - New Cat

 We'll we'd been without a cat for over a year and none showed up to adopt us.  Jo-Ann was making do by fostering a wild squirrel.  So off to the local rescue shelter where Meshach (see Link) said he wanted baked chicken for dinner and would help prepare it. 

SEPTEMBER - Vows Reaffirmed

  We celebrate 40 years of marriage with reaffirmation of our marriage vows at our home.  About 150 friends and neighbors 'made our day' all that we wanted it to be.  Click on the link for more photos of Jo-Ann in her wedding dress!


AUGUST - Project Complete!!

  After more than a few years we wrap up the exterior work on the sidewalks and yards. We even made the local news-paper when we submitted our 'before and after' photos. You can click the link here to see the entire project - start to finish.

JULY #2  Family in Nova Scotia

And while we're 2500 miles across the county, we stop by Nova Scotia, the ancestral home for Jo-Ann's Mother's Family.  It had been a long time between trips for Jo.  What a beautify setting and her Mom is so happy there. Click for more pictures of that trip. 

JULY #1  Friends from Saratoga

A busy month!  We head back to John's old home town for a wedding of the daughter of a dear friend from college.  We see old haunts in upstate New York and visit with daughter Catharine.  Click for more pictures.


JUNE - Broadway Comes to California


A trip to Woodside to see the performance of the 'Sound of Music' by the Woodside Elementary 8th Grade.  Nephew Pat Daly is in a starting role and takes a well deserved sugar break with his Uncle during the intermission.


APRIL  Anniversary Party


A rare late April shower does not dampen the Lee's 3rd Wedding Anniversary party in San Francisco.  Cath makes it out from New York, Zia's Dad comes up with a ready made grill cover, but Peter still needs to keep an eye out on the grill.

MARCH  - Tax Time

 John volunteers in an IRS program to help prepare taxes for those who are on the lower income range.  But there is no picture of taxes and the picture to the left is not one of the clients. 

We did have a nice Sunday visit with Jo's bother and wife Kate at a Lacrosse game in the area where we got to 'catch up' of family goings on.

FEBRUARY - Habitat Dedication

John spends one day a week volunteering at a local Habitat for Humanity building site.  This photo marks a real 'dedication ceremony' with a few of the regular crew when we celebrate the final inspection OK of 6 of the 7 homes.

JANUARY - We're Off To Disneyworld!

To celebrate Jo's retirement, we take a trip to Disneyworld and visit family in Vero Beach.  Just one of the highlights is John meeting one of his lifelong comic book heroes, Goofy.  So click on Tinkerbell for more exciting pictures. 


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