Habitat for Humanity in Review

Edes Ave, Oakland Project 2007

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For the past several years John and Jo have been involved with Habitat for Humanity. This a picture highlight WEB of our work in Oakland.


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We missed the groundbreaking ceremony because we are working in Livermore.  But we arrive late winter of 2007 and get ready for the big building blitz in April.  We are so busy that the only time to take pictures is at lunchtime.  Chrissy and Steve, our leaders, are featured here.

Banana Break

Here a few of the midweek regulars: Rodney, Margo, Spencer, Juan and Everyday Mike. We call him that to differentiate from tall Mike who is not there volunteering everyday.

An Old Friend

Our Superintendent from Oakley, Aron, is hired back short term to coordinate the Build-a-thon blitz framing work in April.  See more of Aron's work at this link: Habitat Oakley

Big Red Reborn

For those of you with framing experience, you know that level, plate to plate, is one of the most important things you can do in home construction.  Her John makes a special adapter for a standard level to make that task easy.  The unit is painted red in honor of the factory made unit that served us so well in Oakley.

Woman's Build - 2007

John is assigned to a duplex unit where the 2007 'woman's build' is going on adjacent. But Chrissy and Erica are always open to a photo opportunity with Juan, our house leader.

Premade Walls are Heavy

Here John is helping to place a common wall on the back bedroom.  It has to be pre-sheetrocked for fire codes.  Laurie is holding on to make sure he doesn't go over the edge.

Time Out for a Picnic

Our Americorps friends mark the end of their year of 'indentured servitude' with a picnic at a local park with regular volunteers and staff.

Framing Helper

Typical of non-regular volunteers are students who help out for a few days while out of school.  John enjoys having the help as he works on some interior framing at the stairways.

Another Food Opportunity

Stephanie is hired on for the month of August as a student crew leader.  We take a moment out of our busy schedules to send her off at summer's end with a chorus of 'Happy Trails to You' and some watermelon for all.

Interior Work

Juan, Gemma and John work on some kitchen cabinets for Gemma's home.  This brings new meaning to building so well 'because it's my house'. That's what John tells volunteers who ask how good is 'good enough'?

Almost Done

John and Steve take a moment of mutual admiration after finishing up hanging doors in one of the new homes.  This is Steve's second year as an Americorp crew leader and he has become a good friend as well as an aficionado of Jo-Ann's brownie treats.


Here John is dressed up for the dedication ceremony in December where Gemma and her daughter Jasmine receive the keys to their new home.  This what it's all about and is the only 'payday' that volunteers get. It's a big lump sum that lasts all year.

Final Inspections

Actually done a week later, here our site superintendent, Chrissy, accepts with appreciation and gratitude a special  commemorative memento of our job.  The final inspections mean almost all the work is done.  Now it's just cosmetic fixes before our families move in! 

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