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Montague Ave Project

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For the past several years John and Jo have been involved with a Habitat for Humanity project in Oakley, in the farm belt of our County.  This is the story of the Phase II Montague Avenue project.


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Ground Breaking October 2004

A podium which has stood the test of use for all the Oakley home ceremonies allows Forrest to show his youthful ways as he presents an honorary hammer to the young Jedi, Aron.  He will lead us on the next set of three homes.

Learning to Saw November 2004

Part of the Habitat experience is learning  new things.  Here a youthful volunteer shows the joy of triumph over sawing wood.  

Many of the volunteers are from UC Berkeley and weigh in at about 100 pounds.  That's the reason for power tools!

November 2004 - a New Jobsite

Here John is with the best darn mudsill installers in the West!  This is an eclectic mix of volunteers .. again part of the Habitat experience

December 2004 - Americorps Friends

John is privileged to work with 10 young adults who have toiled for 2 weeks at this site .. after returning from Florida and hurricane clean up for FEMA.  We got to pour 50 yards of concrete and frame 3 houses.  John was in charge of pointing and a lot of shouting.

December 2005 - Concrete Pour

When we fall behind in getting our foundations poured, we take the unusual step of taking it on with volunteers.  Here the Americorps  crew is inspired by the thoughtful pointing and shouting of Aron, our construction leader.

Framing progress December 2004

Here John shares a photo moment with the mid-week regulars.   In addition to Aron, Kami and Jessie are full time volunteers from Americorps, assigned to this branch of Habitat for Humanity.

Framing progress December 2004

Two Johns here.  The other is a regular mid week volunteer.  One of the tenets of Habitat volunteering is -- first names only.  Makes to tough when the is more than one John on the site .. so we work together.

January 2005 - Arc of the Covenant Stored Here?

In January work slows a bit due to weather and priorities.  John visits the Habitat warehouse to scrounge up electrical supplies for the next set of homes. An enormous place, it reminds one of the last scene in the Indiana Jones movie.

Roofing Work - February 2005

John does volunteer on the weekends as well as a "crew leader". Imagine the job superintendent's horror of having 50 volunteers show up -- all wanting to help build a house in one day (just like TV).  Crew leaders help get thinks going and provide

Pipe Work March 2005

John masters the pipe threading machine and here he is with a mid week volunteer who is doing the same.  All the drain / vent piping is done so here the gas piping gets underway.  Copper water piping still to be done.

Lunchtime - April 2005

Jo-Ann, Sandy and her daughters help provide lunch on a Saturday for about 45 volunteers.  Missing is the Hordes of Locusts picture as hungry volunteers swarm over the excellent repast

Regular Volunteering has its Privileges - May 2004

This is a pure photo opportunity, but it sure gives rise to a Tim the Toolman Moment.

Rough Permit - May 2005

John and Aron take a moment of mutual self congratulations after we pass the rough inspections with only a 5 minute call-back.  That means all the framing, anchor bolts, plumbing and electrical.  When the Inspector asked "How do you get such quality from Volunteers?", John replied, "We just think of it as My Home".

June 2005 Dedication

Well, with a flury it's done. Some of the proud participants at the dedication

Special Friends June 2005

John and Jo share some of the moment of Joy with a new friend for life, Aron our superintendent.

This truly a story of success for all involved!

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