2005!! - The Lee's Year in Review

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The year starts off with Jo-Ann heading off to Florida for a long weekend surprise visit on the occasion of her Mother's 80th Birthday.  Here she is, with sibling Alexia missing (the only one brilliant enough to realize the photo opportunity). 


The year continues with work on Habitat as well as Lee Household West.  Here John and Peter admire the almost end of the job placing large slate tiles in the entry to the house.  I matches that in the outside foyer .. but the quality of work is approaching contractor quality. Click on this link for more ..


Catharine comes to California for a week or R&R and misses a big East Coast Nor'easter snow storm.  Good planning! Here we meet in Peter and Zia's living room for a rare family portrait.  This includes the puppies - Ronin and Oliver who are especially alert to the camera countdown chirp.


We get away for a long weekend and visit some of Jo's family in Michigan and get too see some old haunts of ours in Ann Arbor.  Click on the picture or the link to see a special page dedicated to this event.



John and Aron share a moment of mutual congratulation as three new Habitat homes pass the rough inspection from the City. John has taken on the plumbing (sewer, gas and water) as well as superintending of all the electrical work.  For more on this Habitat Project, click on the link.


We are privileged to attend a dinner to celebrate the graduation of three seniors from our Church.  It has a very special year for us leading the Youth Sunday School in a job joy share with our friend Sally.  Follow this link for more pictures.


Once again we volunteer at the Pleasant Hill 4th of July celebration.  Always a highlight is seeing our friend who is the annual parade coordinator.  Harry Coyle  and Jo have a friendship that stands the test of time.  It's amazing how neither of these two have aged in 30 years!  See you next year Harry.


Between working on the back deck shade structure, John builds 5 deluxe bookcases for the new Sunday School program.  The Forrest saw blade Jo gave him last Christmas took a licking .. but each cut was smooth as a good whiskey.  Here we are, all primed and loaded up for transport to the Church (John doesn't paint unless he has to).


We celebrate 38 years of marriage sitting by the ocean if front of our rental Condo in Maui.  So for the 13th year we are still perfecting the art of doing nothing and making each hour of vacation a stress-cleansing experience.



You thought we were on the Mississippi River?  No - it's a San Francisco Bay luncheon cruise to see the Blue Angels in action.  It is very up close on this ship.  But the highlight was that Jo met a lawyer at our table who was able to help her out with a referral for work problem!


Sometimes it's good to get away for a weekend.  Here we share a moment on a deserted beach near Watonsville, also known as the strawberry capital of California.  We had a wonderful meal and a day following at the Tech Museum in San Jose.


Catharine surprises us with a last minute trip "home" to be with all of us.  First time in many years.  And Jo says having all her on Christmas Day was the best present ever.  We all agree.


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