A new beginning!! - The Lee / Kessack Wedding

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Last September Catharine and Krystol became engaged and were thoughtful enough to schedule the Wedding on a travel day for the World Series (10/23/14).  Here are a few pics of some of the activities before we got to Mexico.


Proposal in Maui - 2013

Dress fitting in PA

Shower silliness

Jo packs extras for the Wedding

Somer - A great planner!

The Invitation



We have 4 days or so of relaxing and vacation before the Wedding festivities begin.  The Hacienda has two pools and air conditioning.


Just North of Puerto Vallarta

Pools get a lot of use.

Monday night dinner

Lee Family

Cooler got a lot of use

Dinner for all

Lil and Mamu enjoy pool time

Just a typical Breakfast

Avis enjoys popcorn and Dora


Most of the Wedding attendees are here now and after a very short rehearsal on the beach, we gather at a nearby Greek Restaurant for a change of pace in the menu as well as good company.


Dressed alike!

Welcome to the restaurant

A toast to all being together

 Avis and Jo-Ann .. Irish Twins

The entire compliment as we leave.

Lummis on the Beach



Nice when it is easy to tell all that the Wedding is switched to an hour later due to the somewhat oppressive heat and humidity. So we gather at the Hacienda, walk one block to the beach and have a wonderful ceremony of lifetime commitment.


Beautiful Bride

Our beautiful children

Almost set to go!

Walking to the beach

Flower girls do well

Walking our little girl down the aisle

Zia reading - sunset waiting

Ceremony over

Mariachis follow

Wedding Party - trying for a formal shot

Jump for joy now that the photos are almost done

Sunset, horses, boat and Wedding!

Lee Family pose




The Hacienda is a great spot for the reception.  Although close to the pool, no one fell in!  And the roof proved to be a great spot to 'party on'.


Cooking Staff at the ready/

John gets all seated for dinner

Jo-Ann  proposed a toast to Unity

Peter and Zia add their congratulations

Donna, Krystol's Mom

Krystol is all business serving cake

Sam shows Dalys how to boogie

Party on

A few anxious to catch it

Showing how to twist like 1963

Put your hands up and SHOUT!

Father and Daughter



So we have an extra day after the wedding to recover, relax and wind down.  A final day of shopping, swimming and then a dinner with most who are still in town.


The Daly Clan with newlyweds

Comparing notes

Our Hacienda staff  bids farewell

A farewell serenade

Lunch at the Marriott before flight


The Lee's 

And so the we wish all viewers the very best from our homes to yours.


The Lees  Be sure to write.

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