Fourth Birthday for Samantha and Lillian!

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WELCOME!!  Peter and Zia made it yet another year!  A cause for celebration - well just because they are so beautiful!  Our home was blessed by so many young children at Samantha's and Lillian's official Birthday party.  Join us in reviewing the pictures.

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Zia orders a bunch of ponies for all to take home.  Turns out to be a great anticipation move to keep everyone occupied.

So many ponies!

The bouncie House is ready to go. Click on film icon for a You-tube Movie

Who would have thought that 36 ponies would have ended up in the pool?

Two ponies come to visit and out two honorees go first.

Lots of people taking pictures.

Shade in the front yard is the place to be on a 95 degree day.

Unless it's in the carport getting food or drinks.

Colleen helps get the cake candles going.  It is a pyro-spectacular.

But everyone knows that blowing out candles (no matter how many) is something that has to be done.

Tractor Rides turn out to almost as big a hit as the ponies!

Precious cargo!

A Piņata from Mexico  is even more fun if you control it for your friends.

One of the Mom's is a great facepainter.

Taking down a bouncie house is almost as much fun as being in it.




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