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During 2003, we had a lot of joy and not much sadness.  That's the makings of a very good year. Here we show off Jo's new wedding ring at a wedding for an acquaintance which took place in our yard in September.

See the 2004 page for the current living document.

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Alexia and Gregg visit Woodside and the family dynamic takes new turns and a "friendly" game of 99.  Here Jo-Ann and Elizabeth plan the next move against Alexia.



Short February, so we pick up with all of the female side of Jo-Ann's family going to a spa in Mexico for some R&R as well as sharing old times.  Thanks to Carol, and Avis, we have some Web pictures on a separate page.


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We are so pleased to announce the engagement of son Peter to Zia.  Here they are a few minutes after he "popped the question" while snowboarding at Lake Tahoe.  Thanks to to friendly  Tourists for helping to capture the moment.



This card is just so great that it had to be shared on the WEB.  I wonder if GOOGLE search will list this under John Deere?  

See THIS LINK for John in action on his tractor.

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Cath visits from New York and we finally orchestrate a family dinner.  Those are few and far between now, but a special treat to all when they  happen.


Cath is transferred from Brooklyn to Utica (in Upstate New York). John heads East back for a few days to help out with the move.  Here John is returning to California,  and Catharine  is helping to make sure he has a bit of spending cash for the trip home.               Click on this link for a special tour.

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You just have to love this picture of the intense competition at the Pleasant Hill 4th of July picnic in the park.  John and Jo orchestrate a watermelon eating contest and the little ones want in too!

Nice thing is that everyone wins in this contest!


Porch re-construction occupies most of the summer.  This is enough work to merit its own page.  Follow the link for more.


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We just return from Hawaii Vacation where we did nothing!  But out 36th Anniversary is marked by Jo-Ann getting a wedding band that meets her lifestyle.  

So just one picture for your viewing pleasure, ready for a morning snorkeling trip to say hello to Nemo's cousins..


Again it's time for the 5th annual Vessing Road Block Party.

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Peter and Zia move again, this time closer to the Pacific Ocean.  Now it's simply a matter of looking out the window to get a surf report.  We help out with the move with Zia's Father.  Jo is painting and John is getting the high speed internet going.


We help out with our Church's Habitat for Humanity project for low income Hispanic families in our area. Same program as the one Jimmy Carter brought to fame.  Here John is doing most of the pointing and shouting .. and leaving the lifting to the young college students. 

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Santa comes a bit early and Jo-Ann gets her dream car - a new Mustang convertible V8.  But it is recurring dream of past years when our very first car was a similar unit made in 1968.  Back then we foolishly traded it in on a 1972 Pinto!

Here we take it on a shakedown cruise to Jo's brother's home in Woodside.  See related story below.


Schedules did not allow for the traditional family Thanksgiving with the Daly clan.  So, in early December we pack up the turkey in the trunk of the new car. Here Kate Daly and Jo put the finishing touches on a wonderful dinner with family.  We indeed are thankful to have them in our lives.

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